To those of you who follow me/us, thank you!

To those of you who follow me/us, thank you! We are an artist on Disability. I have decided that any proceeds from our life story, “Something To Say,” as well as funds from any prints sold on other websites, will go to preventing child abuse and LGBTQ+ causes. I plan to spend the rest of my life explaining what “infant spanking” did to me/us and try bring it to an end. Please, please share! The above image was created on my iPad and is called “Dancers.” I do both abstract art and realistic.

When my mother died, I began to feel safe. When my brother died unexpectedly, I got in touch with my anger. It has been during the last two years or so that I suddenly needed to “speak.” I needed for all my pent-up thoughts and feelings to pour out of me, so that the world would know that we did exist. My brother. Myself. My inner people. And now I can’t stop. I notice every new friend. Every supporter. I do not care about building a following. I want real people, small and hurt people, to answer me. Understand me. Let me read and understand them, in turn. Encourage them, as they’ve encouraged me! We were here. We suffered. Our type of suffering was wrong and can be prevented in the future. That is the fuel for the rest of my life. That, and gratitude to a loving husband, whose support has made it possible for me to survive! My heart-felt thanks to every one of you!